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Swedish massage or Classic Massage is the massage style which goes from light to hard. This massage is done with five different type of strokes. The basic strokes are Gliding or Sliding, Tapping with a rhythm, Kneading the muscles, Friction with the fiber or cross fiber and Vibrating or Shaking.

Swedish massage can give you feeling of relaxation, and very much helpful in removing the pain and joint stiffness. Swedish massage is very very much helpful for osteoarthritis patients of knees and seen beneficial when done for at least eight weeks, But this is recommended before getting this massage you must consult to your doctor.

Note: If you are having any health issues do consult with your doctor before getting this massage, or while having massage if you feel pain you must tell immediatly to your massage expert.

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Spacastle has experienced and well managed staff and is the best massage and spa service provider who are best in western body massage therapy and are the best in the Rajpur Road Dehradun

Massage & Spa Services

Full Body Massage

spacastle provides exciting offers on body massage in dehradun. This massage is useful for our body and mind, that helps to boost your body physically and mentally. Don't hesitate call now to get spa or massage center near you.

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Balinese Massage

we offer the Balinese massage from our massage practioners in dehradun. The Balinese massage is that the best appropriate massage for reinforcing your circulation and additionally reduces stress and helps in body rebalancing. call now to get the massage center or spa center in Rajpur Road

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Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage given in spacastle is spa best for those who are actually trying massage for medical injuries like sports injuries or strains. if you're trying to find massage or spa center in rajpur road you're at the proper place call now.

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Swedish Massage

swedish massage is that the best ever massage that helps in detoxicating the body and will increase the chemical element level within the blood. Get this massage with the experts at spacastle spa and massage centre in rajpur road.

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Aroma Massage

In this massage essential oils area unit used that is absorbed by the body. This massage helps to boost circulation within the massaged portion, and it helps to stimulate muscles. nice Deals in aroma massage, catch on done by best consultants

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Thai Massage

if you're having stiffness or sore in your body or having inflammatory disease downside you'll be able to get this massage. Thai massage having its root from religious traditions, and its main purpose is to heal an individual physically and showing emotion and additionally spiritually.

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It was awesome service i got from spacastle they have well experienced staff

Mohit Jugran

Good Spa. Good Massage services even for females. Professional staff and Therapists

Deep Singh

Thanks Spa Castle for providing good Massage and Steam. Among the best spa in Dehradun

Gurpreet Singh Dillon